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Mini Kebab & Soft Can $10.50

A great lunch size kebab. Choose from our delicious chicken, lamb, beef or mixed meats.

Burger & Chips $16.50

Choose from our delicious lamb, chicken, beef or mixed meats served on our specially made in-house Turkish bread buns. Served with sauce, lettuce, tomato & red onion. (sauces include - garlic, sweet chilli, hot chilli, sour cream, sweet mustard, BBQ, tomato, satay, mayo, hummus).

Istanbul Burger $15.50

A trio of meat on a toasted Turkish bread bun with home-made salsa sauce, saute onions, fresh cucumber dip, rocket, and fresh tomato.

Foccacia & Coffee $15.50

(1) In-house Turkish bread, cheese, your choice of meat, sauce, roast pumpkin, julienne carrot, zucchini and capsicum.
(2) In house Turkish bread, cheese, your choice of meat, green bean salad, yoghurt and sun dried tomato.

Trio of Dips & Turkish Bread $15.50

Choose from Beetroot, Carrot & Cumin, Cheese & Spinach, Cucumber, Egg Plant, Hummus & Roast Capsicum.

Vegetarian Platter $20.00

Vine leaves, falafels, tabuli, sun dried tomatoes, roasted capsicum with a delicious mixed salad, toasted Turkish bread and hummus.


Mediterranean Pizza $18.50

Chicken or Lamb with the flavours of the Mediterranean - tomato salsa, feta cheese, onion, capsicum, olives, parsley, garlic yoghurt sauce (allow 20 mins).

Meat, Rice & Garden Salad

Small $16.50
Large $18.50
A plate of our delicious salads served with rice, lamb, chicken or beef & sauce.

Turkish Salads & Meat

Small $17.50
Large $20.50
A plate of our Turkish salads (the range varies) served with your choice of meat, rice and sauce.

2Mix & Chips $19.50

Chicken and Beef with crispy garden salad and a side serve of chips & cucumber dip.

Kofte & Adana Grill $21.50

Kofte meat patties & spicy Adana rissoles served with Turkish style rice and crispy garden salad, garlic and chilli sauce.